cosmogramOne of the hardest concepts to explain in the path of Ancestor Healing is that of “medicine” – which for most people conjures up visions of pills and syringes, doctors and hospitals. And those things are medicine, and very valuable medicine too – but what I’m speaking on here is not the medicine of the body, but of the spirit – the pure, primal energies of places, things and people which can lift us up into the stars or send us crashing face-first into the mud, depending on how well we understand and use them.

Now, of course we know that ancient, shamanic people uses plants as medicine – but medicine is not just plants, it can also be colors, animals, places, things – everything is medicine, and everything around you is medicine, if only you know where  to look!

Everyone has certain medicines that they are more naturally in tune with – certain landscapes which seem to give them insight and clarity, certain animals whose presence gives them a strengthened sense of resolve and purpose, certain colors which simply make them feel peaceful.

The knowledge and energy of these medicines is unique to each person and is transmitted through the bloodline; and by learning what these medicines are what energies they represent, you gain the ability to tap into the energy of your own family tree, clan and tribe in a way that transcends the cookie-cutter approach of most modern shamanic or “occult” approaches to Spirit.

Once you truly align with your own family energy and the spirits which resonate with it – both human and non-human – you will find a greater ease and comfort in your life and your environment, discovering the hidden sources of power and inspiration you always had right in front of you but just couldn’t see!

This ancestral alignment, through the power of your own family tree and spiritual court, will allow you to expand into a truer expression of who you actually are, elevating and expanding your own life force by drawing on the most primal sources of your unique spiritual blueprint and discovering what you are truly capable of in this lifetime.

Know yourself first, and the deeper you go, the more your power builds – for once you understand what gods your own ancestors worshipped, what spirits they worked with and what medicines they used, then if you do chose to go into the initiatory, magic or religious system of any other culture, you can do so coming in strong!