Every human culture has its own folk magic tradition, its own system of healing, divination and “getting things done,” whether that be the “sedir” of the ancient Vikings or modern Afro-Caribbean religions. Even the “big three” monotheisms have them; and yes, Islam too!

By tapping in to the power of your own family tree, your own heritage and culture, and really honoring and embracing your own ancestors – the good, the bad and the ugly – you will not only begin to learn about what gods and spirits they worshipped – and if you go far back enough, all of them did – but you will also discover that your own ancestors and tribal spirit guardians can actually be more powerful than the gods and spirits of other systems!

Because the gods of the various religions on this planet – from Hinduism to Christianity – are all nothing but the elevated ancestors of various cultures. Go far back enough and you will find that almost every god was at one point merely a person, albeit a person of such extraordinary power and profound wisdom that they continued to be worshipped after death, taking on more and more power over the centuries until they finally expanded to become something far more than human.

Each and every one of your ancestors – from the most noble leader to the most craven rascal – continues to embody the full range of human qualities and potentials, capable of expanding into almost any archetype imaginable – and by accepting and acknowledging these and dealing with them as they actually are, you will find that they will continue to expand, continue to take on more and more power, until finally they begin to take on the transcendent qualities of deities themselves.

Does this mean everyone in your family tree is perfect? Far from it! In my own family tree we find not only preachers, doctors and leaders, but also low lives of the worst sort – incorrigible drunkards, womanizers and gamblers. But is any pantheon of gods any different? Are Zeus, Loki and Oggun without stain, blemish or fault?

The point is not that these ancestral energies are somehow “perfect” – it’s that they are (or can be) vital, alive and overflowing with energy – as close to us as our own skin, and more loyal than the fiercest guard dog too.

With these spirits on your side, actively giving you advice and watching over your destiny – you will find that there is nothing you cannot do, and no door which can remain closed to you – so whether your path is Jewish mysticism or Appalachian Pow-wow, the decision to tap into your family tree could be the single most important step to your spiritual growth and development you may ever take.