Here you can learn about Ancestor Healing, a tradition of psycho-spiritual integration that has helped countless people to achieve deeper and more satisfying levels of authenticity, passion and personal power.

What is Ancestor Healing?

Ancestor Healing is deifying, and working with your own ancestors instead of chasing the gods, spirits, and ancestors of others. It is deifying your national ancestors and your blood ancestors before you do anything with the ancestors and spirits of […]

Ancestral Energies and Folk Magic Traditions

Every human culture has its own folk magic tradition, its own system of healing, divination and “getting things done,” whether that be the “sedir” of the ancient Vikings or modern Afro-Caribbean religions. Even the “big three” monotheisms have them; and […]

What is my Spiritual Court?

As ATRs (African Traditional Religions) and the various forms of Neo-Pagan Reconstructionism (Astaru, etc) have gotten more and more popular in the US, more and more people find themselves praying to, or doing rituals with, the ancient gods of many […]